Leave the Light On EP

by Adam Plomaritas

Birdsong 04:12
Harder days are all behind me Better days are all that I can see I'm gonna give it to you straight 'Cause I don't know which way to turn I really hope it's not too late I got this feeling and it burns I'm gonna get it done tonight I'm gonna get it done tonight Can it be wrong when it feels so right? I'm gonna get it done tonight Levity has overtaken me Gravity - all but abandoned me It's still not too late to learn to fly
Dig 02:52
I had my eye on you I think you saw me too I'll wait patiently for you to dig on me Take you by the hand and make you understand That all I need is to have you needing me Well it gets me through the night That I get to hold you tight And never let you go Could be my one last chance to kiss you on this dance I might miss my shot if I don't give it all I got I see you standing there like you haven't got a care Do you dig on me like I dig on you? Does it get you through the night that you get to hold me tight and never let me go? Like it gets me through the night that I get to hold you tight and never let you go?
If I want you to go Then, Darling, please know that I don't want to be hurt no more Don't see nothing worth fighting for Holding hands in the dark means nothing at all That's the truth when your heart's all broken and small When you return my love When you return my love When you return my love... will still be around If I don't want you to stay Just know it's better this way And I don't wanna be hurt no more Don't see nothing worth fighting for There will come a day when you would want to say That you got no regrets When that day comes to, I'm gonna promise you That you'll never forget
Rome 04:33
I'm gonna make a million dollars if it takes all day I'm gonna climb the Eiffel Tower, let nothing get in my way Well if it all sounds so amazing And impossible as it may seem Your love was all around me Now it's gone - that's how Rome fell in a day I'm gonna swim the English Channel on the Fourth of July Tear down the Great Wall of China just one brick at a time
Hard Way 04:29
Those uptown women make you lose control Ain't got no rhythm, but they sure got soul I got a good one, but she wants it right Can't be the captain if the ship ain't tight I've been steady for you, now I'm ready for you We can leave it all behind Love ain't nothing, I've found, but having your feet never touch the ground You give me something that's real, I can't wrap my heart around I've been learning the hard way, but your love has taught me to begin Where I'm going's not so far away, when I take a look at where I've been And I'm done learning the hard way She said, "Stop, one minute! Are you outta your mind? You living life or you just doing time? I said, "Is that your opinion, is that a matter of fact?" These day to days have got me on the wrong track Well, I've been steady for you, now I'm ready for you We can take the world tonight Just one step at a time is not enough when you're so far behind Oh, you give me something that's real, can't wrap my heart around And it's a lonely road When you're making it on your own But I know that every time Your love is there right beside me
When you feel the night roll in and the heat won't turn on When you feel her heart beat and the rhythm's all wrong I need to know that you know that I'm able I need you to see what I see in your eyes I want to see you tonight I want to hear you tonight It's make or break tonight Forgive my mistakes tonight And leave the light on When keeping it together is more than it seems When clouds and stormy weather rain down on your dreams I can get by on the crumbs from your table As long as the failures don't equal the tries
Singing the words to a different song, hoping the lines of the melody will change Everyone there says they know your name, but why do their voices and faces seem so strange? You give it a try in a different key, wishing the notes on the page would rearrange But they don't oblige you Until they find you, you better make your own way away from here You planted a seed deep wthin my heart Now the seed and the dirt are all that still remains I gave it sun and I gave it rain, but all it ever gave back to me was pain I guess I need to remind you No one can ever deny you your dreams


released March 24, 2012

All songs written by Adam Plomaritas. All instruments and vocals performed by Adam Plomaritas except for:

Ben King: Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and Organ
Tony Pace: Lap Steel on "Birdsong" and Dobro on "Leave the Light On"
Mike Shea: Cajon, Congas, Shaker, Bells, and Goat Toes
Chris Dupont: Harmony vocal on "Leave the Light On"
Chris Dupont and Adam Plomaritas: Gang Vocal on "Birdsong" and claps, snaps, stomps, and slaps on "A Simple Misunderstanding"

Produced by Adam Plomaritas
Recorded in various living rooms and basements around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, MI, the sanctuary of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Ypsilanti, as well as an old church confessional
Engineered by Adam Plomaritas and Chris Dupont
Additional engineering by Ryan Wert
Drum programming and composition by Adam Plomaritas
Additional drum programming by Chris Dupont
Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Wert at Elm Street Recording in Lansing, MI
All graphic design and layout by Tabbatha Plomaritas
©2012 Adam Plomaritas


all rights reserved



Adam Plomaritas Ypsilanti, Michigan

His latest release, "The Hard Way", was named #3 album of the year by Ann Arbor Radio's John Bommarito.

Adam Plomaritas presents an onslaught of tight, satisfying rock 'n roll, tastefully
seasoned with soul and blues. You might say that Mariah Carey, Michael McDonald,
and Stevie Wonder all got eaten by a Telecaster-toting grizzly.
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