As I'm sitting on the couch with my guitar, looking out the window, I spot a bird's nest in a tree in our yard. There's a mama bird with some baby birds (pretty little robins) and a little narrative pops into my head.

One of the baby birds looks out on that spring day and sees life happening. Particularly, he sees all the other birds flying and singing. He is frustrated and disappointed that he is not flying and singing himself, but is hopeful and excited that he can both learn and try.

I really identified with the little bird because I felt like I was made to sing as well...and wasn't. At least not nearly enough. But through some good old hard work and initiative, I could and would.

The acoustic guitar arpeggiated chords gave a light airy feel to the song and Tony Pace's beautiful lap-steel work sang beautifully! Hope you guys enjoy.


Harder days are all behind me
Better days are all that I can see
I'm gonna give it to you straight
'Cause I don't know which way to turn
I really hope it's not too late
I got this feeling and it burns

I'm gonna get it done tonight
I'm gonna get it done tonight
Can it be wrong when it feels so right?
I'm gonna get it done tonight

Levity has overtaken me
Gravity - all but abandoned me

It's still not too late to learn to fly


from Leave the Light On EP, released March 24, 2012


all rights reserved



Adam Plomaritas Ypsilanti, Michigan

His latest release, "The Hard Way", was named #3 album of the year by Ann Arbor Radio's John Bommarito.

Adam Plomaritas presents an onslaught of tight, satisfying rock 'n roll, tastefully
seasoned with soul and blues. You might say that Mariah Carey, Michael McDonald,
and Stevie Wonder all got eaten by a Telecaster-toting grizzly.
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